Should You Wear Sneakers For A Casual Day At The Office?

Published: 06th July 2011
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This question has most probably crossed the minds of almost every person working in the corporate world. If you work in an office then chances are that you are sick and tired of wearing your corporate attire. It is not the clothes that make you cringe at having to wear corporate attire every single day; it is the shoes. You have to wear leather loafers or heels as part of your corporate outfit. It is simply agonizing to have to spend the entire day in such uncomfortable shoes. There is no argument that these types of shoes look great on your feet and that they compliment any corporate outfit but they sure can be very painful on your feet.

You probably dream of wearing your favourite sneakers to the office so that your feet do not have to hurt so much at the end of the day. Well, this is not really an impossible dream nowadays because a lot of offices have adapted ways to make their employees more comfortable. They feel that their employees are more productive if they are comfortable. Nowadays, not all offices have a strict policy on the type of office attire. There are some offices that no longer require their employees to come to work wearing a business suit. If you belong to these kinds of offices then you should by all means, wear your sneakers to work. It is important though that you consult with the human resources department at your office to make sure that it is alright for you to wear sneakers to work. Some offices may not allow their employees to wear casual attire to work everyday but they assign a specific day of the week where employees can wear casual clothes to the office. It is important that you clearly understand the office policy on casual attire in the workplace to avoid any complication with your work.

Just because you are allowed to wear sneakers to the office, it does not mean that you can wear your running sneakers to work. You cannot wear your cross-training sneakers to work either. You should wear casual sneakers that are dressier than the athletic sneakers. For a casual day at the office, wear sneakers with more conservative colors. Do not wear sneakers in really loud colors to the office. Even if you are in casual attire, you still have to maintain a professional image in the workplace.

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